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Stickify Responsive Blogger Template

Stickify is a responsive gallery blogger template with a remarkable clean layout design suitable for any type of site. Created with love using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques with a validity code, completely responsive to look perfectly in all mobile devices, easily usable with any device as well as PCs, also including beatifull slider and masonry posts area, It’s the most technically advanced blogger template on blogger.


Responsive Design (Fit for Small – Large All Media):

Stickify is a template it will work on any device.

Masonry Posts:

Stickify has a advanced masonry posts system.

Friendly Layout Area:

Stickify has a friendly layout area you can easily add or remove widgets.

Fast Loading:

Our all templates are clean coded, we always concentrate on loading speed of our templates.

Licensed Version for FREE

Very soon we will be back with amazing templates, but for now we have decided to make available for free download all our old (Licensed / Premium Version) templates available on the site. No Support Included.

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20 March 2014
20 March 2014
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